Smoke Vent Testing Maintenance

Smoke ventilation systems are engineered to safeguard individuals and assets, providing secure areas as stipulated by Approved Document B and BS9999:2015, rendering them indispensable components of a building’s fire safety strategy, facilitating safe evacuation.
Smoke control systems, including automatic opening vents (AOVs), interface with various inputs such as fire alarm systems, smoke sensors, manual call points (break glass, key, or rocker switch), and more.
Additionally, BS 9999 mandates an arrangement for biannual and annual inspections, alongside weekly testing.
We can tailor your maintenance contract to suit your schedule, minimising disruption to your daily operations.
Our maintenance and inspection engineers ensure compliance with all legal requirements concerning your building’s smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV) system, maintaining requisite service logs and test schedules, instilling confidence in your safety measures.
Our technicians meticulously test all components, including connections, electrical actuators, mechanical fans, dampers, AOVs, batteries, and control panels, rectifying any issues in accordance with BSEN12101-2-2017 standards.
We offer on-site training to key personnel, elucidating system operations and outlining procedures for weekly and monthly checks.
IQ Fire Solutions is a registered Group SCS aftercare provider. We can supply, fit and maintain Group SCS and Easivent AOV and smoke ventilation equipment.

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