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With two decades of experience in the field, IQ Fire Solutions is a fire safety company that is accredited by BAFE and uses BS EN54 compliant equipment to offer customised solutions to its clients. With a 98% client retention rate, IQ Fire Solutions has established itself as a dependable and secure provider of gas suppression systems in the UK. The company’s gas suppression services include the installation, maintenance, inspection, and testing of all types of gaseous fire suppression systems, completed to the highest industry standards, ensuring the continuous safety and security of your premises.

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At IQ Fire Solutions, we offer the most dependable, secure, and safe gas suppression services. With more than two decades of experience and a 98% client retention rate, you can have faith in us to offer bespoke solutions that cater to your requirements. Additionally, we hold BAFE accreditation, indicating that all of our equipment complies with BS EN54 standards. Opt for us for all your fire safety needs, and you will not regret it!
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At IQ Fire Solutions, we possess a deep-seated passion for delivering dependable and secure fire safety solutions. Our team of specialists provides a comprehensive array of services to assist our clients in safeguarding their premises. FYI Gas Suppression systems are generally used to protect IT /Ccomms rooms.

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Safeguard what is most important with IQ Fire Solutions. Obtain the dependable, secure, and safe fire safety solutions you require today.


What is gas suppression?
Gas suppression refers to the utilisation of gas-based fire suppression systems to extinguish fires promptly and efficiently.
The selection of gases used for gas suppression is contingent on the application’s specific needs. Inert gases such as IG55, IG541(INTERGEN), IG-100 and IG-01 are frequently used.
The gas suppression mechanism operates by dispensing the fire-suppressing gas into the fire-affected region, which diminishes its oxygen content and deprives the fire of the oxygen it needs to burn. This swiftly extinguishes the fire and prevents the spread of flames.

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