Members of the European Parliament ask the European Commission to choose a strong approach to assess the fire performance of facade

January 4, 2019

Brussels, November 28, 2018: Ahead of the European Commission’s decision on a EU approach to the fire assessment of facades, 13 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), from different countries and political parties, wrote a letter championing the Commission’s proposed “alternative” approach. The European Commission is due to decide shortly between the two approaches presented in its study last August:

  • A “main” proposed approach consisting in the adoption of a British test (BS8414) and a German test (DIN 4102 part 20);
  • An “alternative” approach which offers strong improvements to the British and German test methods.

The MEPs’ joint letter emphasizes the shortcomings of the “main” proposed approach:

  • It does not adequately represent real-life fire scenarios;
  • Both tests constituting this approach, the British BS 8414 and the German DIN 4102 part 20 are highly contested at national level. The former will even be revised soon in the United Kingdom.

While commending the European Commission for undertaking this essential work, the letter raises concerns about the potential EU-wide adoption of this “main” proposed approach:

  • It would not ensure a sufficient level of fire safety for EU citizens and potentially put constituents at risk;
  • It would jeopardize the progresses made on European Safety up to now;
  • It would fall short of properly addressing the concerns MEPs voiced in September 2017 at the parliamentary debate on fire safety in buildings.

The 13 MEPs urged the European Commission to adopt the “alternative” approach which is broadly agreed upon by Member States.

The signatories of this joint letter are: Mr Arndt Kohn MEP, Mr Tiemo Wölken MEP, Mr Vladimir Maňka MEP, Ms Marijana Petir MEP, Mr José Inácio Faria MEP, Ms Theresa Griffin MEP, Ms Neena Gill CBE MEP, Ms Anneleen Van Bossuyt MEP, Ms Jude Kirton – Darling MEP, Mr Sergio Gaetano Cofferati MEP, Ms Linda McAvan MEP and Mr Ivan Štefanec MEP, Mr Pavel Poc MEP.

FSEU warmly welcomes this MEPs’ initiative showing that once more they embrace their responsibility to ensure the safety of European citizens.

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