Emergency Evacuation Alert System Installation

What is an Emergency Evacuation Alert System?

Situated on the ground floor of a high-rise building, an emergency evacuation alert system is designed to be used by the Fire & Rescue Services. Its purpose is to support their evacuation strategy in a building where there is a fire.

Emergency evacuation alert systems can’t detect fires – that is what the fire alarm system is for. Their role is to help to quickly and safely manage the evacuation of a building.

The alarm system on an emergency evacuation alert system can be controlled by individual floors. This lets Fire & Rescue Services prioritise the zones closest to the fire and isolate the alarm alert so they can evacuate one floor at a time.

To prevent unauthorised access, emergency evacuation alert systems are protected by a patented BS EN 1303-compliant lock and key mechanism controlled by the Fire Brigade. 

Do you need an Emergency Evacuation Alert System?

If you live in a high-rise tower block in England that is taller than 18 metres, it is strongly recommended that you have an emergency evacuation alert system installed. In Scotland, it is mandatory.

Why choose IQ Fire Solutions to install your Emergency Evacuation Alert System?

As a commercial fire alarm servicing and maintenance company, we specialise in fire alarm design and fire alarm installation across Essex, London and Kent.

We work to the ‘Code of practice for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of evacuation alert systems for use by the Fire and Rescue Service in buildings containing flats’.

This is the set of recommendations and instructions published by the British Standard Institution (BS 8629:2019) to ensure emergency evacuation alert systems are correctly installed. 

So to choose IQ Fire Solutions is to ensure your emergency evacuation alert system is in safe hands.

To find out more about having an Emergency Evacuation Alert System installed, call us on 020 8500 9885.

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